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ANPG Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Data Portal

Location:  Onshore and Offshore Angola
Start Date / End Date:  2014 -  Ongoing
For years Medva GIS has been supporting the oil and gas industry and has developed an online “showcase” DSS application for the franchises sale.

The OIL & GAS industry is vital to the economies of many countries and sometimes the entire economy depends on the ability to sell oil and gas exploration and production franchises.


Managing natural resources in a country, and projects for locating deposits is challenging and requires a combination of information and knowledge from many areas such as satellite imagery, oil wells, geological mapping, seismic surveys, mine clearance, measurements, civil engineering and more.

All of these have one thing in common: complete dependence on geography. Offshore management is complex and on land is even more. Here is among other added the demographic element that greatly influences the surveys and resources.

Medva GIS supports the oil industry from the survey stage- “upstream” to the franchise sale stage through the system it develops - INSIGHT.


INSIGHT is built as a national portal to the OIL & GAS industry.

Potential investors access INSIGHT where all relevant data is ready to explore: Satellite imagery, blocks, seismic data, oil wells, thematic mapping and more- add data needed to select the right area to focus on.


Using INSIGHT portal significantly shortens the purchasing decision-making process, and the decision is based on more reliable information.


To create such solution, careful preparatory work is required: construction of a database that includes satellite mapping, implementation of existing materials, field surveys and analysis of the various data. All of these are done in INSIGHT.


INSIGHT enables collaborative work of expert teams to create the best database in a relatively short amount of time.

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