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Exploration data central geodatabase (e.g. Population, ERW, Logistic surveys); Field data collection.

Planning and performing projects in remote areas can present many difficulties. Lack of current and reliable information can lead to delays and complications that might bring to higher than planned expenses. As a solution, Medva group provides exploration and scouting services. Our scouting department specializes in collecting and recording all types of information from the field. This includes profound exploration of ERW, terrain, topography, vegetation, population, access routes, environmental issues, health, transportation and other logistic issues that may affect any planned activity. Still, the collected data needs efficient means for data collection, storage, management and analysis.  From our experience, the main problem is making the information usable over time.


INSIGHT system provides the tools for data collection and can become the project's database.

INSIGHT is a web based spatial data management and information system stemming from many years of experience in the field of data collection and scouting operations.


As a web-GIS, INSIGHT allows cooperative and controllable scouting actions. 

INSIGHT is built to accommodate all types of required information collected from various sources and serves as a reliable Database for further projects.

INSIGHT, as a flexible shelf system, is immediately adjusted to any project.

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