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INSIGHT supports the 1 billion USD Ha Mifratz Port Construction Project, by being its GIS and documentation Database as well as a decision support system.   


GIS for Port construction is a large-scale project from many aspects. Large quantities of materials, concrete, sand, rocks etc. are transported within the project area and imported from many external sources. Underwater activities can be hard to track. All these should be described clearly using INSIGHT tools.


Project plans need to be overlaid with up to date data to track project advancement and more.


With Insight, all project plans are visible on top of a monthly Orthophoto. In addition, bathymetry files are processed to enable managers evaluate progress through monthly volume changes calculations. INSIGHT serves as collaborative system.


The users collect data through predefined forms with smartphones directly to the central geo database, using INSIGHT custom layers technology.


INSIGHT has become important and central to the management of the project and an important tool for success.

Ha Mifratz Port

Client:  Shapir Ashtrom, Hamifratz port project 
Location:  HIfa, Israel
Start Date / End Date:  2015- Ongoing 
Haifa & HaMifratz ports overview
Haifa & HaMifratz ports overview
Insight's comparison tool
Towards HaMifratz port location
Insight's Volume cut & fill tool
Caissons before placement
Project control plan in Insight
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