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Eyn Yahav

Client:  Eyn Yahav
Location:  Eyn Yahav, Israel
10 cm/pixel ortho of Ein Yahav
Plots division plan over orthophoto
Insight's water management solution
Detailed symbology and legend

Eyn Yahav as a desert agriculture village manages 11 million cubic meters of water per year. As a private water management organization they hold all the responsibility for water loses and distribution between farmers.


INSIGHT in cooperation with ARAD provides the organization managers a very accurate and reliable system to control all water activities combined with municipal GIS.  Every water tap meter is mapped and equipped with advanced transmitter reading water situation every fifteen minutes.


INSIGHT receives the information and displays it geographically as a layer. System analysis tools have been developed that allow sorting the data.


Visual form in which data is presented in the system, enables rapid response to problems and better understanding of the context of other information layers, such as the type of agriculture and population. A significant water, and consequently financial saving is measured since use of INSIGHT began. The organization director reports that INSIGHT has become a significant management tool for him.

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