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Bio Control

Client: The plants production & marketing board of Israel
Location: Israel
Start Date / End Date:  2016 - Ongoing 
insight's trappings weekly data
Identify trappings Hotspot
Insight's traps tabular data
Citrus plots over orthophoto
Load trappings from Excel file
Active and inactive (in red) plots
The Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) is a major pest of fruit crops in the Near East and worldwide. In Israel it is a key pest in citrus and its control is centralized by the Israeli plants production & marketing board.
There are some 30,000 citrus plots and 2300 fly traps throughout Israel. Insight provides the board personnel multilevel project management: explore and manage data, trappings reads in the field through smartphones, display of trappings trend, plots and parcels tabular and geographical full editing, and more.
Through INSIGHT’s security system, each of the six scouts have access solely to his unique data, whereas the project manager has full access to data and editing abilities. Since the scouts have to visit many stations in a short time,
INSIGHT enables a built in predefined visiting sequence with navigation by external services.     
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