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Saneamento De Luanda

Client: City of Luanda
Location: Luanda, Angola
Start Date / End Date:  2010 - Ongoing 
Detailed orthophoto of Luanda
General vector mapping
Photogrammetry over orthophoto
Detailed photogrammetry
Photogrammetry over orthophoto
Detailed photogrammetry

Luanda is a metropolis of about a 2000 square kilometers and has a population of about 8 million. The city that was planned for a much smaller population, which leads to serious problems of garbage disposal, high-density population in flooded areas and transportation and more.


In order to advance solutions in the most problematic issues, such as garbage collection and mapping of populations in hazard zones MEDVA GROUP established INSIGHT System for Luanda city. The system covers all the metropolis and includes many data layers: high resolution Orthophoto, accurate photogrammetric mapping, water flow layer, custom layers and dynamic municipal vehicles layer. We recently incorporated in the system a preliminary study regarding water flooding in the region.


Over time, INSIGHT will become a key tool in solving problems and then remain as a Database which will be the basis for institutionalizing a "smart city" system.

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