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INSIGHT is a Web-based Information System for Spatial Data Management.

Designed to support organizations of various sizes and business domains.


Supports decision-makers at all levels.


Suitable for every organization within the framework of activities required to manage geographic information in combination with valuable information that supports decision-makers

INSIGHT is easy to use, secure and is available from any device, at the office and in the field.


INSIGHT enables data collection in the field and allows instant sharing and collaboration between project members. No installations are required, just a browser.


INSIGHT’s identity system can handle many users with different data management permissions, and enables access to any permitted user with an internet connection.


For more information

Download INSIGHT Brochure

INSIGHT Advantages

A to Z Centralized data base

Field plan visibility

Integrated planning tools

Field data collection

Task collaboration

Decision support

Assets monitoring

Management of multiple project

Constant development

Flexible for tailored solutions

INSIGHT Characteristics

Web Based- Access from everywhere

Easy to use - Fast learning curve

PC I Tablet I Smartphone

Online I offlined accsess

Secured by authorization system

Access view & Analyze data from multiple sources

Access & Analyze up to data data

Access data from external providers

Data archiving throughout project

life cycle

Representative Clients
Partners and Business Cooperations
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